The Ambridge Socialist: Tally Ho Theresa!

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The Ambridge Socialist

65 Years of the class struggle in Borsetshire

14th May

Brian send a warning to Peggy

Peggy is the ruling matriarch of the ruling dynasty in Ambridge- the Archers. She however is ‘getting on’ and there is the issue of the succession. David Archer has spent some years preparing his claim, but Brian (who is not an Archer by birth) has made a move for the crown by running over and killing Peggy’s fat cat Bill. If she doesn’t give way gracefully it could be the horses head next.

Pip ditches Toby

There’s not much good news about currently so this news was very welcome indeed. Perhaps Toby could explore a civil partnership with Kenton.

Did Theresa May get her love of hunting from the Archers?

The Ambridge Socialist has said that Theresa May could have got her long term passion for hunting from listening to the Archers.

Nothing in her biography suggests that she has been actively involved in a hunt or lived in an area which has one. It may be that her decision to allow a free vote on the repeal of the 2005 Hunting Act if the Tories win the Election is based purely on listening to the activities of the South Borsetshire Hunt on the Archers.

The hunt has kennels at Netherbourne Hall has an annual Ball and special meets on Boxing Day and Easter Tuesday according to the BBC. The current convenor is Shula Archer who recently took over from Oliver Sterling.

On the 10th anniversary of the Hunting Act in 2015 the Countryside Alliance claimed that the South Borsetshire Hunt was more marginal to Ambridge life than it should and lacked inclusivity. Even so its claim that Joe and Ed Grundy would be supporters seems far-fetched though one can imagine they might be employed to follow the hunt with a spade and bucket for manure purposes.

The Hunt has had some altercations with Hunt Saboteurs including an occasion when Titchener assaulted one and Shula who had seen the incident lied to the police about it.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, it does seem plausible that Theresa May’s knowledge of hunting is gained from listening to the Archers, and we wonder how the news of a possible repeal of the 2005 Act will go down in Ambridge

In other news

Miranda has relented and will not demand all of Justin’s London wine cellar as part of the divorce settlement


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