A farewell to White Hart Lane

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A farewell to White Hart Lane

I’m a lifelong Spurs fan & my central Tottenham garret is close enough to the ground to be able to tell the score by hearing the roar of the crowd.

With the last game at the White Hart Lane ground, first used in 1899, today a bit of Tottenham will pass into history.

I rarely go myself, partly because many other matters intrude but partly because as a lifelong fan I’ve long been aware of what is now called being ‘Spursey’. The team often play brilliantly and as often f… matters up in an apparently endless variety of ways.

Of course there is a similarity with being on the left…

Spurs these days are and have been for a while a big business, which begs the question why they sometimes claim they don’t have much money. The involvement of local Council funds in the new Spurs ground has been controversial for that reason. Its also controversial because its tied up with plans to redevelop the Northumberland Park area where the ground is based and, to be kind, its far from clear that existing local residents are the top priority here.

There was of course a reason why Spurs pursued the possibility of playing at the Olympic Stadium, now the West Ham ground. Namely that numbers of supporters live in Essex and Stratford is a more convenient location transport wise.

There are still many local fans though, and the fact that the new ground is next to the old one is in general good news. The impact of Spurs leaving Tottenham on the local economy, jobs etc would have been considerable and that will be felt to an extent over the next year when the team play at Wembley.

Still the old ground does have history. I well remember the days in the 1970s of Spurs Against the Nazis, part of the old Anti-Nazi League. The club objected to the use of the cockerel symbol on badges and publicity but on reflection of the club’s history agreed that being against fascism was something all could be agreed on and relented.

Spurs have history on their side. Probably…



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