Partisan Coffee House exhibition: all our yesterdays

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Partisan Coffee House Exhibition: All Our Yesterdays

If you’re on the left now or have been and have not decided to froth at the mouth about Jeremy Corbyn being the way forward then you really should make the effort to see the exhibition about the Partisan Coffee Bar, at Four Corners, Roman Rd E2 (not far from Bethnal Green tube, or Mother Kelly’s if you require beer rather than coffee). It runs to May 27th

The Partisan, styled an anti-espresso bar, was in the heart of Soho and ran from 1958 to 1963 when like all the best left-wing ventures it was bankrupt.

It was associated with the post 1956 new left and it was that group, including ex-Communists no longer forking out for Party dues (as Ralph Samuel astutely noted) that provided much of the capital.

The exhibition has a lot of photos of people at the Partisan including of course Ralph Samuel before the comb-over and Stuart Hall with his, then, trademark beard. It also has a 2000 oral testimony from Hall on the Partisan and the best part of 40 minutes of film of coffee bars in Soho in the late 50s, including the Partisan and the film of the 1958 CND march to Aldermaston (organised at the Partisan).

It’s all our yesterdays. Stuart Hall is the only beard and the music is jazz and folk not rock-n-roll. But it’s us, where we came into the political universe after 1956,the non-Stalinist, non-capitalist left.

If you’re on the left as above and wondering where you came from, it was here. Take a look



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