Campaigners say ‘Progressive Alliance’ must embrace beards to be effective

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Beard Liberation Front

Press Release

3rd May Contact Keith Flett 07803 167266


Campaigners say ‘Progressive Alliance’ must embrace beards to be effective

Lord Salisbury

The Beard Liberation Front the informal network of beard wearers has said that a ‘Progressive Alliance’ at the General Election must embrace beards and be beard friendly to be effective.

The idea has focused on one or other party in a Constituency standing aside to try and make sure the Tory candidate is defeated.

The campaigners say that while it is agreed that the Tories are the most beard hostile party in general, there is no guarantee that other parties do not contain pogonophobes.

The BLF says that it hopes progressive parties will sign up to its Beard Friendly Britain charter

BLF Organiser Keith Flett said, we want beards to be an Election issue. We are clear that electing Jeremy Corbyn offers the best chance of a Beard Friendly Britain. However a General Election is focused on Constituency battles, not the election of a PM. Here we will look at matters on a case by case basis and hope for a progressive consensus on hirsuteness.

What is the Beard Liberation Front?

The Beard Liberation Front is an informal network of beard wearers and welcomes supporters, both women and men, who agree with our core principles.

It is not party political and does not stand candidates in Elections. However it is political in a broader sense, as it seeks a less discriminatory and more beard friendly Britain.

Founded in 1995 it campaigns against prejudice and celebrates positive images of the hirsute with an annual Beard of the Year award at the end of December. Beard Week, which focuses on a range of beard related issues, takes place every year in late June.


The Beard Friendly Charter (Summary)

No to Beardism and pogonophobia prejudice against the hirsute

More hirsute MPs

More hirsute public employees and monitoring of hirsuteness levels in the senior Civil Service

Promotion of positive public images of the hirsute

No dress codes at work, beyond a requirement for smart appearance for public facing roles


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