The Ambridge Socialist, May 1997 & Tony Blair

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The Ambridge Socialist

1997 20th Anniversary Edition

65 years of the class struggle in Borsetshire

The Ambridge Socialist, May 1997 & Tony Blair

20 years ago on 1st May 1997 The Guardian published the Ambridge Socialist’s prognosis for the New Labour Government, elected that day.

We focused on the activities of Simon Pemberton, archetypal Thatcherite Tory who had inherited land in Ambridge from his late father One-Nation Tory Guy Pemberton.

Pemberton was a Rob Titchener character of his time. He had violent relationships with Shula Archer and Debbie Aldridge and faced with a possible complaint to the police from Debbie, fled to the Middle East.

There is a continuing pattern here of course. Titchener fled to the USA.

In the meantime Pemberton had tried to evict the Grundys but failed at a Tribunal.

The Ambridge Socialist described Pemberton as a mix between Michael Portillo who lost his seat that day and the head of a privatised water company.

The Editorial view of the Ambridge Socialist was clear:

If Tony Blair thinks New Labour is going to make a difference he had better address the Archers Question the moment he walks through the door of No.10’.




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