The Ambridge Socialist: David Archer confesses

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The Ambridge Socialist

April 30th

65 years of the class struggle in Borsetshire

David admits he is guilty: what next?

David has admitted that Brookfield is guilty in respect of the IBR outbreak in Ambridge. Compensation is now due to Tony. David has tried to reach a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ with Tony but Tom is in favour of lawyers. Lawyers are also in favour of lawyers £££££. (see below)

The issue is whether Archer has backed down and admitted guilt as part of a plan to stand as a Parliamentary candidate in Borsetshire on June 8th. The Ambridge Socialist understand that Archer is planning an Independent candidacy based ultimately on his long term plan to be recognised as the Squire of Ambridge.

Financial Times in Ambridge

Brian is restructuring the farm in a way that is obviously the most sensible, he says. We shall see. Meanwhile David & (reluctantly) Rooth have agreed to Bridge Farm’s compensation claim over IBR. The issue is, where will they find the money?

1] Speak to Matt Crawford

2] Bank robbery

3] David licences fracking at Brookfield

4] David sells Brookfield to Bridge Farm

Peggy’s cat: your verdict

Readers will recall that Anisha had offended Peggy by labelling her cat Bill as ‘obese’. Peggy believes Bill is merely ‘portly’. In a poll of Ambridge Socialist readers there was bad news for Peggy. 60% think Anisha was right.

In other news

Lynda has some unwanted donkeys



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