Hirsute say wet weather may hit traditional May Day beard waggle

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Beard Liberation Front


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The Beard Liberation Front, the informal network of beard wearers, has said that the ancient May Day tradition of Beard Waggling may be hit by variable weather on Monday as some rain is forecast for many areas.

Traditionally the hirsute celebrate the coming of Spring by waggling their beards on May Day

The beard waggle, a traditional British May Day custom, involves shaking the beard vigorously from side to side and in doing so stimulating air currents that can cause objects to levitate slightly.

However waggling the beard when it has become damp due to rain is virtually impossible.

BLF Organiser Keith Flett, The Beard Waggle is one of the great May Day traditions and we hope it will be possible this year. However we are urging wagglers to take care and avoid beard waggling if a rain shower occurs.

Beard Liberation Front guide to beard waggling

1] Ensure the beard is supple. This may be done by moistening is slightly with water or, if preferred, craft beer.

2] Choose a suitable to waggle, preferably in the sun rather than the shade

3] Move the beard vigorously from side to side and then up and down while otherwise standing still. Repeat several times

4] While waggling the traditional chant is, Hail the Beard, Hail Spring

5] Alternatively beard wagglers may simply intone Om, Om, Om




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