New Labour & beards 20 years on

In Uncategorized on April 29, 2017 by kmflett

New Labour and beards 20 years on

The New Labour period from May 1997 has been described by the Beard Liberation Front as an era of clean shaven revisionism.

Yet just as Blair’s administration represented, at last, progress in terms of the representation of women, it was also the most hirsute post-1945 Cabinet and it remains so.

It contained three beards of substantial gravitas:

David Blunkett

Robin Cook (decd)

Frank Dobson

Unfortunately Tony Blair, who has never had a beard, was unable to make a clean break with his revisionist image, and indeed New Labour went on, by the time Frank Dobson stood unsuccessfully for London Mayor in 2000 to pursue an agenda of clean shaven male candidates.

Would New Labour have turned out differently if Blair had followed the example of Messrs Blunkett, Cook and Dobson and grown a beard?


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