The Ambridge Socialist: We back Labour for Borsetshire

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The Ambridge Socialist

65 Years of the class struggle in Borsetshire

23rd April

We back Labour for Borsetshire

With Theresa May calling a General Election for June 8th the Ambridge Socialist is backing the Labour candidates in the two Borsetshire Constituencies. We are particularly keen to see the back of the Tory MP for South Borsetshire, Bufton Tufton, who is apparently still alive.

It is yet unclear if David Archer plans to challenge Bufton Tufton for the Tory nomination, or indeed if there are other contenders.

The Ambridge Socialist will however be producing an independent manifesto of election demands during May but we will work with the Labour candidates once they are in place.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, of course the BBC’s reports from Ambridge traditionally steer clear of party politics, although to their credit the General Election has received a mention this week. Howeveer if Archers’ listeners want to find out what is happening during the General Election campaign in Borsetshire they’ll need to read the Ambridge Socialist.

Elizabeth is 50

A party has been held at Lower Loxley to mark Elizabeth’s 50th birthday. Lily thoughtfully invited some of her mother’s Facebook friends to make up the numbers. Ruth and Pip had a discussion on the terrace. For some unknown reason access to the roof was not available.

In Other News

Peggy’s cat is fat, though she claims it is merely portly

David has got the bill for the tractor mishap at Brookfield

Justin and Lillian have got an engagement ring and Peggy approves

Rex has walked out on Josh but returned at a price



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  1. Tories in Borsetshire may point out you have omitted, quite correctly, Sir Button Tuftons knighthood

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