Why did the National Front march in Wood Green on 23rd April 1977?

In Uncategorized on April 22, 2017 by kmflett

For those who protested at the time why the National Front march were marching in Wood Green on 23rd April 1977 was too obvious to need stating. The key thing was to try and make sure they did not.But at 40 years distance some explanation is surely required for those who were too young to be there.

While some claim UKIP are in part fascists the briefest consideration of what the NF were doing in 1977 in North London that UKIP never does or intends to do underlines the difference. At that time left-wing and trade union meetings could find themselves violently attacked and broken up by the National Front and the same was true of left-wing campaigning on the streets. The aim of the NF march 40 years ago was to intimidate and to show, as they thought, that they controlled the streets.

That is why it is so important they were stopped.

By why the 23rd April and not another day? The 2017 answer might be because its St George Day and the NF claiming to be patriotic wanted to show that by marching. St George has an interesting history:

However 40 years ago St George’s Day was not what it is today. It is a bigger date in the calendar now perhaps primarily because commercial interests have decided its another occasion they can sell things. Hence you can buy St George’s Day flowers, cakes and beer.

Probably the real reason the National Front chose 23rd April to march was because it was the nearest Saturday to the birthday of their real hero, not St George but Adolf Hitler.


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