The Ambridge Socialist: has David Archer got chemical weapons at Brookfield?

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The Ambridge Socialist

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The real Borsetshire Echo: 65 years of class struggle in Ambridge

Has David Archer got chemical weapons at Brookfield?

The IBR crisis in Ambridge has escalated alarmingly this week. Indeed in an Ambridge Socialist poll as to whether Donald Trump or David Archer poses the bigger threat to world peace, the result was tied.

Tom Archer has dissed Brookfield in a late-night Bridge Farm blog claiming that bio-security at Brookfield is lax. He may be right but it doesn’t look as if he grasps what exactly this means. The reality is that it is lax because David Archer has been working on chemical weapons which will at last give him the role of Squire of Ambridge. Readers of the Ambridge Socialist will recall that Archer’s first act in pursuit of his desired aim was to push Nigel Pargetter off the roof of Lower Loxley. Now however he seems to have moved on to pose a bigger threat not just to Ambridge but to Borsetshire and beyond.

Sport in Ambridge 1

Now we know. In Ambridge the proletarians and petty-bourgeois play cricket. The bourgeois play golf, go on the hunt and shoot birds.

Sport in Ambridge 2

Harrison has at last managed to grasp the concept of an inclusive Ambridge cricket team and hold a successful and united nets. Will it be enough to save the team after the departure of star player Rob Titchener. We shall see…

In Other News

The tractor has broken down at Brookfield, but who is to blame for its leaking oil?




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