From the Cuban missile crisis to Trump

In Uncategorized on April 14, 2017 by kmflett

I was not quite 6 years old during the Cuban missile crisis (Donald Trump was 16). The crisis revolved around Russian missiles in Cuba. US President Kennedy was very serious about war and that meant nuclear war. My father was a Communist Party member but I dont recall at that young age more than the usual oaths about US imperialism. I do recall thinking the world might end but when you’re very young that doesnt mean so much.

Russia fortunately backed off, as did Kennedy.

Historical accounts underline the existential impact it had on how people thought. Noted peace campaigner Pat Arrowsmith left for Ireland on the basis nuclear fall out would be less.

55 years on Trump is threatening a first strike war on North Korea. Im no fan of that brutal dictatorship or of course of Trump.

I do take from the 1960s that however bad the matter is nuclear war is not the answer. If Trump persists we need to be on the streets.

As EP Thompson rightly noted: protest and survive


One Response to “From the Cuban missile crisis to Trump”

  1. A really revealing analysis of the behind-the-scenes machinations during the “Cuba missile crisis” is in the short, very readable book THE ODDS ARE EVEN BY Amy Gdala. The way in which U$ intelligence services control their President has not changed as we see by the Trump U-turns. Always ask Cui bono?

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