Ambridge Socialist calls on Justin & Matt to enter a civil partnership

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The Ambridge Socialist

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The real Borsetshire Echo: 65 years of class struggle in Ambridge

Ambridge Socialist calls on Justin & Matt to enter a civil partnership

The Ambridge Socialist has reacted to the surprise return of Matt Crawford to Ambridge by calling on him to enter a civil partnership with Justin. They can live unhappily ever after promoting dodgy business deals while Lilian gets on with the real job in hand: brand ambassador to Archer’s gin

David Archer in crisis

Regular readers of the Ambridge Socialist will recall David Archer’s long term efforts to underline Archer hegemony in Ambridge. One pretender, Nigel Pargetter, fell of the roof of Lower Loxley and other people are thought to have ended up Brookfield’s slurry pit. Now however David Archer is in crisis.

Tom Archer has told him that he is not the farmer his father Phil was. This was a reference to the Ambridge IBR crisis which David is being blamed for. Trying to address the crisis, Archer dropped in the Bull and offered to buy drinks. He was shunned and stormed out threatening an action for slander against veteran proletarian Joe Grundy.

David of course is not actually to blame for the IBR crisis, so can he turn matters to his advantage by despatching Toby to the slurry pit?

Cricket crisis continues too

Harrison has tried to apologise to Usha but Susan is now pressing him on why women of a certain age are not in the new look Ambridge CC. With the season about to get underway reality is about to intrude

In Other News

Peggy is upset at Justin’s reference to her previous marriage to a farmer. Its just not the kind of thing you say in Ambridge




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