In praise of County cricket

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In praise of County Cricket

As Wisden 2017 is published a few thoughts on what is still the bedrock of the English game.

I don’t watch much County Cricket very largely because I work full time and finding a game being played at a ground I can attend when I have the time is often unachievable. Still being over 60 retirement does beckon before all that much longer (probably) so thoughts are turning towards watching a bit more cricket.

Lords would be fine when I’m in Tottenham but tbh the opportunity arises more often when I’m in Cardiff, where my residence with Megan is but a short journey to the SWALEC (i.e 10 minutes on the bus and 10 minutes walk).

It being the end of the leave year I thought I would try and take ,well at least, a day of the many outstanding and stopped by Glamorgan v Notts last Sunday before lunch and on Monday after lunch. It was a friendly pre-season game and free to get in, but that aside much the same as a County match (including the attendance which was not non-existent but hardly thronged).

Watching cricket in April can be a cold and wet affair but actually the weather on both days was good. I didn’t pay continuous attention to the cricket and isn’t that the point? When I pay £80-100 for a day’s Test cricket I sought of think I need to watch it. Paying less, or here nothing, I can watch cricket as I think it’s meant to be watched. In a relaxed atmosphere, having a chat and of course appreciating a good shot or a wicket.

The excitement of the T20 game and the big occasion Test I can enjoy but surely the dear old County game can be promoted as an excellent way to enjoy the life bit of work/life balance.. The rhythms of the modern world can’t and shouldn’t be all fast forward even if many of them are.


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