The Ambridge Socialist Karl Marx on the IBR crisis in Ambridge: hostile brothers

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The Ambridge Socialist

April 2nd

65 years of the class struggle in Borsetshire

Karl Marx on the IBR crisis in Ambridge: hostile brothers

Rooth, David, Brian, Tom and Tony have fallen out about cows.

So long as things go well, competition effects an operating fraternity of the capitalist class, as we have seen in the case of the equalisation of the general rate of profit, so that each shares in the common loot in proportion to the size of his respective investment. But as soon as it no longer is a question of sharing profits, but of sharing losses, everyone tries to reduce his own share to a minimum and to shove it off upon another. The class, as such, must inevitably lose. How much the individual capitalist must bear of the loss, i.e., to what extent he must share in it at all, is decided by strength and cunning, and competition then becomes a fight among hostile brothers. The antagonism between each individual capitalist’s interests and those of the capitalist class as a whole, then comes to the surface, just as previously the identity of these interests operated in practice through competition.

Capital Vol 3 Pt 3

Justin: deal maker

According to Brian Aldridge, Justin Elliott, who has just thoughtfully bought Lillian some more earrings, is a ‘deal maker’. However in an Ambridge Socialist snap social media poll the view was the Noel Edmonds and Donald Trump were better at it.

Unofficial Industrial Action in Ambridge

We salute the female members of the Ambridge cricket team who in reaction to sexist bully PC Harrison’s attempts to force Usha Franks out of the side boycotted nets and went for a bonding session in The Bull instead. We say don’t ballot, beat the bollocks.

In other news

Lynda has been caught speeding but the more surprising news is that her husband has actually been a GP for 30 years. Did she know this?



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