In praise of Brewdog

In Uncategorized on March 31, 2017 by kmflett

In praise of Brewdog

The Aberdeen brewers and PubCo Brewdog have had a rather awkward week media wise. Firstly there was the issue of a branding dispute with a Birmingham pub, now resolved. Then ahead of the AGM the issue of how equitable Equity for Punks is re-appeared. I expect the Financial Times will produce its usual article before long.

Against that, and because despite the activities of Brexiteers and Remoaners, the world does not exist entirely in either black or white, Brewdog deserves some specific praise this week.

On Thursday night I was able to get to the Stout Festival at Brewdog Cardiff. There was a relatively small range of well chosen stouts and porters ranging from Mad Hatter and North Brew Co at around 5% to imperial stouts like Wiper and True’s Hardshake at 10.7% and the launch of Brewdog’s own Paradox Rye at 15%.

A stand out for me was the second iteration of Crafty Devil’s I must break you (8%) this time barrel aged (rum).

Of course prices weren’t cheap (but then the beers were mostly strong) and of course, another strength of Brewdog, the beers were available in thirds so you could sample a number without also procuring a mammoth hangover.

You can find this kind of thing in other bars, but these kind of small fests, with a focus on the local (Pipes BA imperial stout was also on with the Crafty Devil) are a real strength.


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