E.P Thompson on Europe, the EU, and European solidarity

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E.P Thompson, may be seen as something of an Anglophile, he described himself as the ‘Great Bustard’ but he was also instrumental in founding END- European Nuclear Disarmament and  was a passionate European.

He opposed joining the EEC (the forerunner of the EU) which a Tory Government did without a Referendum in 1972. His point was that European solidarity was not something imposed by an economic and political institution but something built by and between people.

Below is an extract from the points he made about Europe from his collection Writing by Candlelight.



5 Responses to “E.P Thompson on Europe, the EU, and European solidarity”

  1. A point of view, and maybe perceptive in some areas. But ignores a lot of peace between WW2 and now. Also the possibility of character growth.

  2. I don’t think Thompson would say the same now. So many variables have changed.

  3. Peace between WW2 and now was due to Marshal Aid. UK established the Welfare State during austerity. US aid was cut ded for UK.

  4. Oops, dead obvs

  5. P Lucas is correct, many variables have changed so people like me who vehemently opposed “euronation” now reject Brexit. The main reason for me is the demise of the economic and political significance to Blighty of the ex-empire ie Commonwealth. A reformed Commonwealth with UK nations as equal to all other members would have been our best trading partner, our best source of ethical scrutiny, and a fine bulwark against U$ hegemony.

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