The Ambridge Socialist: Brexit declared in Ambridge

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The Ambridge Socialist

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The real Borsetshire Echo: 65 years of class struggle in Ambridge

Brexit declared in Ambridge

With Brexit declared on 29th March Ambridge faces the question of the impact on village life. What will taking back control mean in the Borsetshire context?

Will a brave new entrepreneurial future beckon or will Adam find himself bereft of fruit pickers because they have all decided to shun Brexit Britain? What will Borsetshire Land and the Archers do without the various EU farming subsidies they get? Perhaps Westminster will give them a handout instead.

There may be some of course who will continue to oppose the decision to Brexit and the Ambridge Socialist understands they will be gathering on the village green on 29th March under a banner stating ‘Felpersham people are welcome here’

Lillian & Justin: Ride On

Lillian and Justin have been for a horse ride. To be continued for a while

In Other News

Tom is back from South America but has yet to reveal details of his secret meeting with Matt Crawford

There is a crisis at the Kennels. An £8K crisis.

Red Nose Day & Bake Off have been plugged this week on the Archers


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