The Ambridge Socialist: Editorial- we back a mixed Ambridge cricket team

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The Ambridge Socialist

65 years of the class struggle in Borsetshire

19th March

Forelock tugger William Grundy leads opposition to mixed Ambridge cricket team

There were mixed nets for the new Ambridge cricket team last Sunday, following PC Burns policy of recruiting female players to keep the team going. Leading the moaning and groaning at this progressive new policy was of course Ambridge’s chief forelock tugger William Grundy.

Nets this week, according to BBC reports, have proved difficult with a bonding session in The Bull being required.

The Ambridge Socialist Editorial

We back a mixed Ambridge cricket team, based on ability not gender. It is a welcome progressive development and the end result can hardly be any worse than the old team anyway at least until Rob Titchener (remember him) started fixing results.

Lillian and Justin:  a tale of two polls

The Ambridge Socialist ran a poll this week asking readers to decide when Lillian and Justin should get married. A majority echoing the words of Leon Rosselson went for ‘don’t get married girls’. Meanwhile over at the BBC their own poll was evenly split as to whether Lillian should think ‘suave’ Justin’s decision to divorce Miranda was likely to actually happen.

Lillian it seems is unclear whether she wants to make the transition from Justin’s mistress to Justin’s partner. The example of how he treated Miranda doesn’t inspire confidence

In other news

There is a bird twitching war developing between Robert Snell and the Professor



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