The Ambridge Socialist: Lines on the forthcoming Borsetshire marriage of the year

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The Ambridge Socialist

65 years of the class struggle in Borsetshire

12th March

Marriage of the Year in prospect

According to the BBC’s report from Ambridge on Friday, Justin has decided to leave Miranda and start an even more public liaison with Lillian. We could speculate that Justin may not be too well but perhaps he simply likes Ambridge and the country folk who live there. Whatever his reasons divorce must surely beckon and as previously reported in the Ambridge Socialist, divorce means £££££

Nicholas Lezard, Poet in residence at The Bull comments on the Marriage of the Year:

Here is the news just in:

Lillian’s snapped up Justin.

This is very good for Lillian:

The old goat’s worth a million. (Work in progress.)

‘A dreary provincial soiree’. Miranda hits back

Earlier in the week Miranda took her revenge. Going for a post-party horse ride with Lillian she both damned Jennifer’s party as dreary and made it clear that the liaison between Lillian and Justin was at an end. It was a magnificent encounter but it turned out to be fake news.

Peggy acts

The Godmother has called in Lilian and told  her she has behaved badly. Expect more horse news.

In other news

PC Burns is still recruiting for the Ambridge cricket team

Some cows have escaped but have been mostly rounded up again

Lynda is still pursuing traffic calming in Ambridge


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