Social media ‘utterly depressing’? Things can only get better

In Uncategorized on March 11, 2017 by kmflett

Social media ‘utterly depressing’? Things can only get better

Owen Jones the left of centre commentator has said that he is quitting social media (up to a point, Lord Copper) because it is utterly depressing.

Jones has a high profile as a Guardian columnist (Guardian letter writers are lower down the scale for social media abuse..) and there is no doubt he receives vile messages about which twitter, for example, seems to do little.

There is indeed a good deal of material on social media that is utterly depressing including most stuff about Donald Trump (but not Trump draws) and a good deal about the activities of the present UK Government.

More recently as Jones has embarked on a political journey away from Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership, he has no doubt received a good deal of critical comment which, when I occasionally look at it, he responds to just as robustly.

Personally I don’t think social media is a good place for political debate and mostly I don’t engage. It is a good place to find out the views of others and act as an information noticeboard. As with many tools it depends what you use them for and how.

As above if social media is depressing it is perhaps because the world is quite depressing at the moment. That could change very quickly and when it does social media will be exhilarating more than depressing.

In the meantime as Chris Moore of the Redskins (remember them?) noted at the height of Thatcherism in the 1980s, while the world in general didn’t offer many things to be happy about, personal life suggested many.

Social media isn’t just about whether Labour can win an Election or not, there is also cats, beards and beer and not forgetting The Archers.

And don’t forget on May 2nd it’s the 20th anniversary of Things can only get better. I suspect Owen Jones will be back tweeting by then.


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