The London Drinker beer festival: revitalised but almost last orders

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The London Drinker Beer Festival: revitalised but almost last

The London Drinker Beer Festival: revitalised but almost last orders

I spent Wednesday and Thursday lunchtime at what looks set to be the penultimate London Drinker beer festival at the Camden Centre at Kings Cross. It seems that Camden Council want to sell the venue off at some point after the 2018 festival. While that may be deplored, and it has been threatened before, years of Government cuts to Council funding have made the undesirable often the only option.

The Camden Centre is hardly an ideal venue for what remains a hugely popular festival. Space is cramped and seating limited. The problem is the alternatives all cost a great deal more.

The festival could never have survived since 1985 without lots of volunteers and beer writer Will Hawkes has paid tribute to two of them John and Christine Cryne:

Both were in action this week.

Anyway what about the beer? I’m pleased to say the festival is moving with the times.

If even 10 years ago you had said there should be a London Drinker festival featuring only London breweries and also serving keg beer, there would have been some odd looks. Yet this is exactly what the 2017 festival is about. 150 cask beers from exclusively London brewers and a smaller but well chosen selection of key-keg beers from the same.

I particularly enjoyed the Anspach and Hobday sea salt and chill stout (cask) and the Hackey BA imperial stout (keykeg). I wish that thirds were available though. These are strong beers. They can be and were sipped but less is more and all that.

In short were it not for the last orders issue you might say that this is revitalised CAMRA in action

The festival is open all day Friday. If you havent been and can get along do. Beards optional



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  1. The Wirral Beer Festival went the same way some years ago. The venue at Pacific Road was fantastic but due to Council cuts it was closed. Still miss it.

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