Tottenham Brewery mile update

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5th March


Spending a weekend in Tottenham (where I do live after all) seemed like a good chance to catch up on the Tottenham brewery mile.

There are 5 operating breweries in Tottenham with Pressure Drop due to open on the same estate as Beavertown at Tottenham Hale in a few months making 6.

Affinity also at Tottenham Hale have a tap room but dont seem to open regularly, though the beers are well worth a try should you see them. Brewheadz who are between Tottenham Hale and Northumberland Park are also producing some decent beers but dont have a taproom at the moment.

That leaves Beavertown, One Mile End and Redemption who, starting in 2010, were at the forefront of the new wave breweries in London.

Saturday afternoon (after the NHS demonstration) found me at Beavertown’s taproom. Its very busy and expect to queue for a beer for a few minutes at busy times. The food option was from Capish (who you’ll find at Mason & Co) and Craving Coffee were also trying out a Saturday slot. The beer is always great at Beavertown (in my view) and at £2.50 for two thirds (half for stronger +7%ish beers) well priced. There is it must be said a bit of a hint of the Bermondsey Beer Mile appearing though, That is people being there for the Beavertown experience (and why not?) as much as specifically the beer. The brewery have plans to open a dedicated taproom separate from the brewery which might address this.

One Mile End and Redemption breweries are not on the same scale as Beavertown (and both do cask as well as keg) and are to be found around 5 minutes walk from Northumberland Park bus station (341 to Waterloo, 476 to Euston, W3 to Finsbury Park). They dont open every Saturday or Sunday but currently tend to be focused on Spurs match days.

With Spurs due to beat Everton on Sunday (3-2) both were open and Megan and myself made the short journey from my Tottenham Hale garret. One Mile End now has a mezzanine seating area (with heating) and the Blood Orange Wheat dipa (7.4%) in particular was in great form. Redemption has a dedicated taproom on the first floor and the keg Redemption was on good form as well as a brewery blend of Trinity and Kazbek on cask. There was also Thai food from Tottenham based Tangy’s Tasty Stuff which is always great, to  my palate anyway. Neither of these taprooms was rammed but had a some drinkers pre and post the football. One suspects that as they get better known (both only opened in early autumn 2016) they will get busy and certainly deserve to.

In short if you want an interesting beer in an interesting location at the weekend Tottenham could be your destination. For beers and opening hours:






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  1. Must return to Tottenham some time

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