The Ambridge Socialist: is Ambridge boring?

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The Ambridge Socialist

65 years of the class struggle in Borsetshire

5th March

Is Ambridge boring?


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Pre-eminent Archers critic (well since Nicholas Lezard has taken to book reviewing and writing a food column in the New Statesman anyway)Nancy Banks Smith has written in the Guardian that Ambridge post-Titchener is a bit boring. Banks Smith is sympathetic to Titchener which is bit like finding something good to say about Trump but she may have a point. Eddie finding lodgers and Jennifer holding a party is hardly hold the front page stuff.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, traditionally nothing ever happened in the Archers which is closer to most people’s actual lives than most drama. If the Archers is returning to those days we welcome it.


Ambridge Socialist readers have backed Miranda to file for divorce from Justin (and demand half his wealth clearly).

The Party

Jennifer’s land based party (to celebrate Brian etc buying land from Justin) was a great success aside from the fact that the Mayor of Felpersham puked up in the toilet and Miranda not only does not like pies but observed Justin adjusting one of Lillian’s ear rings.

In other news

Anisha has had a secret meeting with Rex. Well not that secret, it was broadcast on Radio 4. It was of course primarily about cricket

Tom pulled out of his Nuffield course, as doing it might have led to him being mostly written out of the Archers. But then the DG had word and he’s on the plane to Brazil

Lynda is concerned about speeding traffic in Ambridge. Speed bumps anyone?


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