The Ambridge Socialist:Justin & Lillian banned from Jennifer’s party for Gross Moral Turpitude

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The Ambridge Socialist

65 years of the class struggle in Borsetshire

26th February

Justin & Lillian banned from Jennifer’s party for Gross Moral Turpitude


Justin and Lillian may have gone too far this time. The moral guardian of Ambridge Jennifer Aldridge (well she has had to deal with Brian over decades) came home to discover them engaged in what she described as fumblings. This involved Lillian being naked and Justin leaving in a hurry. Both have been banned from Jennifer’s party

Justin Elliott: we ask the questions the BBC wont

It has been a while since Justin Elliott appeared on the Ambridge scene as the head of Damara Capital. He had grand ideas for the area, none of which have actually happened, up to and including his plan to buy a house in the area. He employed Titchener in various capacities without which he might not have been in Ambridge at all. Berrow Farm, another of his failed ventures, is currently apparently not being cultivated, although there are rumours that it is being used to grow cannabis plants. Meanwhile he has started a liaison with his PA Lillian Bellamy who apparently he loves in preference to his wife Miranda. One might ask why if he loves Lillian he doesn’t divorce Miranda but the answer, never mentioned by the BBC is obvious: the size of the divorce settlement.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, Justin Elliott who is portrayed as a man of culture and an enlightened capitalist is in reality a dodgy and devious bastard.

The Ambridge cricket team

The Ambridge Socialist thinks that this season’s Ambridge cricket team should be comprised entirely of women players. In our poll over 75% backed the idea. However at the Ambridge cricket club AGM this week, reactionaries, led surprisingly by Bert Fry refused to back PC Burns plan to introduce women players. Ultimately however there may be little choice. Women players or no Ambridge team

In other news

Kirsty is back with ideas for the health club

Kirsty has been in The Bull with Helen


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