Colonel John Ward: MP for Stoke on Trent 1906-1929

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I know little about Colonel John Ward MP, beyond his Wikipedia entry, the accuracy of which I certainly cant vouch for.

It is I think reasonable to assume he was MP for Stoke on Trent from 1906 until 1929. He was elected as a Lib-Lab MP in 1906 did not join the Labour Party and sat as a Liberal. He was succeeded as MP from 1929-1931 by Lady Cynthia Mosley. Your assumption here would be correct. She was the wife of Oswald Mosley who by 1931 had formed the ‘New Party’ which became the British Union of Fascists.

It would also appear that at least in 1910 Colonel Ward had an impressive moustache.

Fortunately the matter does not need to rest there. Mike Haynes has been researching Ward and will speak about him at the socialist history seminar at the Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, Malet St, London WC1 on Monday 27th February. Its in room 304 from 5.30pm. Its free to attend and you dont need a ticket..


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