The Progressive Coalition & Stoke on Trent Central

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So. Farewell then

There has been considerable discussion in recent times about a ‘progressive coalition’ to defeat the hard right. John Harris put the case well in The Guardian:

Indeed the Green Party stood down in Richmond with the aim of seeing the Tory Zac Goldsmith defeated by the LibDems.

There are all sorts of issues raised here particularly if you are on the left. You can start with who might be ‘progressive’. The LibDems might qualify on social issues but rarely on economic ones. You might go on to consider what such a coalition would be aimed at doing. Harris is focused on Brexit but the bottom line surely would be stopping the rise of a populist right-wing politics in the UK, which at least until now has meant UKIP.

As an extra-Parliamentary socialist, while I understand the importance of the vote and Parliamentary action, I dont see it as the be all and end all of matters. Coalitions outside of the Parliamentary arena, such as Stand Up to Racism or Hope not Hate might well work better in the specific area of combating racism.

All that said the decision of UKIP’s current (as I write anyway)leader the temporarily bearded Nuttall, to stand in the Stoke on Trent By-Election was surely a case if there ever was one for a progressive coalition to defeat the populist right challenge. That would have meant uniting behind the Labour candidate, who as the result made very clear, was the one who could defeat UKIP. The LibDems did not however stand down, Tim Farron visiting the Constituency to big up the LibDem candidate and neither did the Greens.

So for those who do support the idea of a progressive coalition in Parliamentary terms, what future it might be asked? One answer might be that if we had a proportional voting system this might make more sense, but at the moment we dont have..

Stoke on Trent Central result,_2017



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