The Ambridge Socialist: RIP Caroline; Long live Caroline

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The Ambridge Socialist

65 years of the class struggle in Borsetshire

19th February

RIP Caroline; Long Live Caroline


The death of actress Sarah Coward who played Caroline in the Archers was not a surprise but it was at 69 untimely. Most Ambridge characters both in fiction and reality go on for much longer. Ms Coward was keen to underline that her character must continue and the Ambridge Socialist agrees. Patrician Tories herself and Oliver may well but in an Ambridge world which as Nicholas Lezard tweeted this week has gone backwards, it is the patrician element that is key. Caroline and Oliver stand for a moral economy where the concerns of the poor are not to be trampled on but where possible addressed.


More Sad news

Kirsty has lost her baby and is understandably bereft as is Tom. Will they try again in due course? We’ll see. Time and the hour runs through the roughest day.. (16th century denizen of The Bull, Will Shakespeare)

Academic Archers

The annual Academic Archers conference took place in Lincoln just prior to the appearance of this issue of the Ambridge Socialist. We wished it well, although our commentary on events in Ambridge is of course published every week for those interested to admire, ignore or complain about.

The Ambridge cricket team

The Ambridge Socialist thinks that this season’s Ambridge cricket team should be comprised entirely of female players. The men can do the teas. Ambridge CC is generally fairly useless and there are only two ways to sporting success. The first, cheating (gamesmanship) is not currently available as Titchener is out of the country. The second route lies in getting decent players- the women of Ambridge

In other news

A client has complained about Anisha’s treatment of his horse

Eddie is pushing ahead with his plan to take paying guests

Miranda is on Justin’s case. (more on this in the next issue..)


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