West Ham star Andy Carroll joins ‘My Hairy Valentine’ hunt for sexiest Valentine’s beard

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Beard Liberation Front

Media release 9th February

Contact Keith Flett 07803 167266

West Ham star Andy Carroll joins ‘My Hairy Valentine’ hunt for sexiest Valentine’s beard


The Beard Liberation Front, the informal network of beard wearers, has said that with less than a week to go in the annual hunt for the sexiest beard West Ham footballer Andy Carroll has joined the poll.

Carroll’s stylish beard has been a key feature of the East End club’s recent performances.

The winner of the annual My Hairy Valentine Award is announced on Valentine’s Day 14th February

The BLF says that contrary to pogonophobic mythology many beards are soft, sexy and deeply mysterious.

Previous winners of My Hairy Valentine have included actor George Clooney, who is currently clean shaven, blogger and journalist Tim Montgomerie, and rugby player Geoff Parling.

The BLF says that whether a beard is sexy or not is in the eye of the beholder but the Award is focused on beards in the public eye, whether celebrities, politicians, musicians or sports stars.

The list covers a diverse range of people and beards, with a considerable churn from the 2015 list.

The online poll closes at midday on Monday February 13th

BLF Organiser Keith Flett said, footballers rarely feature in the Hairy Valentine poll as their facial hair often comes and goes with each game. Andy Carroll however has made a trademark of his hirsuteness.

My Hairy Valentine 2017

Andy Carroll, footballer

Leonardo DiCaprio, actor

Michael Eavis, Glastonbury founder

Idris Elba, actor

Prince Harry, personality

Tom Jones, musician

Gary Lineker, broadcaster

James O’Brien, broadcaster

Aidan Turner, actor

Philip Wilton, cheesemaker


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