The Ambridge Socialist: Hands Off Tracy Horrobin!

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The Ambridge Socialist

65 years of the class struggle in Borsetshire

5th February

Hands off Tracy Horrobin


Tracy has ditched Roy because he is boring. There seems to be some doubt about this on BBC reporting of affairs. The reality is however that the Archers is routinely condescending to villagers who are proletarians like Tracy and particularly any who are not in some way Archers. The Ambridge Socialist asks: just how boring is Roy?

Titchener: the end?

So Titchener did not leave on a jet plane but reportedly (according to Henry anyway) grew a beard and took to full time lurking. On that basis he was able to snatch Jack and take off with him, although it’s fair to say he is no expert in childcare. With the speed at which Borsetshire Police usually work it would have been some years before Titchener was located and Jack returned to Helen. Fortunately due to a fallen tree, he was apprehended by Helen and Pat, Jack retrieved, and told to leave the boundaries of Borsetshire pronto. We shall see.

Toby is with some ‘dodgy’ types in Brighton

As far as the residents of Ambridge are concerned it appears that Brighton is a far-away place that they know little of. Indeed it appears that their image of the town rests on the last time they watched the film of Graham Greene’s Brighton Rock. Toby took off to the Sussex seaside and potentially took with him the £5K that Pip got for selling the cows. £5K wont go far in Brighton so Toby was soon back to confess all, so he said, to Pip

Shower scene update

Jolene and Lilian have been having a massage together and then what sounded like a mud bath. Its progress

Keri Davies wins Beard of Winter

The Ambridge Socialist congratulates Archers’ scriptwriter Keri Davies on winning the Beard of Winter poll earlier this week. To celebrate he was spotted on an anti-Trump protest in Birmingham, beard resplendent.

In other news

Roy is concerned that he really is boring. Check this week’s Ambridge Socialist poll

The first Spring lambs have appeared at Brookfield



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