Stoke Newington beer festival: Beer & beards

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Stokey Beerfest


I was a little doubtful about the (independent) Stokey beerfest held on 28th January at Abney Hall in Church St. Ive been attending CAMRA beerfests since the mid-1970s and they are invariably well organised and run affairs by people who have huge experience of doing such things. Whether I’m delighted with the beer range is another matter of course.

Outside of the CAMRA framework I wouldn’t normally pitch up at an independent festival in its first year, rather waiting for reports and going the following time. I, and Megan, made an exception for the Stokey BF. It was after all very local and if things didn’t go well the Beavertown Tap room was open.

As it turned out though, things went very well indeed. The event was sold out and well run. Stylish third pint glasses and a system of marking off the nine thirds the £20 afternoon entrance fee got you on a card worked well. It was based on brewery stands and there was no issue with getting served. Food was from Provisions in the Holloway Rd with excellent cheeses and meat.

It being Stoke Newington there were plenty of beards and Beard of the Year winner Tim O’Rourke made an appearance. The main organiser himself had a beard, often a good sign.

The beer? I enjoyed the Howling Hops of course but I’m very familiar with their beer. I particularly enjoyed the Mosaic pale from Elusive (cask) and to end a double raspberry imperial stout from the same brewery (keg). The specially brewed Discontinued ESB was interesting and while all beers weren’t perhaps 100% to my taste there was nothing undrinkable and a third pint measure is a perfect size to sample.

In short while I’m sure it was very hard work to organise it was from a drinker’s perspective a really nice way of managing to more or less forget about Trump for a few hours. Let’s hope it becomes a yearly event.


2 Responses to “Stoke Newington beer festival: Beer & beards”

  1. The Yorkshireman in me is screaming “How much?!!”

  2. The £20 including entry and a glass (as at CAMRA events) so say £15 for 3 pints in thirds. Given that I recall having a 10% porter and 6.9% ipa that was probably fair enough

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