Tottenham breweries: then there were five

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Tottenham Breweries: then there were five


10 years ago there were no breweries in Tottenham and I’m not sure anyone thought that it was likely there ever would be.

With the first beers from the latest brewery in N17/N15 Brewheadz now making their way into craft pubs Tottenham has 5 breweries.

It all started of course with the rightly revered Redemption based up near Spurs in 2010. Ive been an advocate of their beers from the earliest days because they were good and remain so. The new brewery and tap room are well worth the journey to north Tottenham (and away fans are welcome). Very nearby is now One Mile End brewery, which also brews excellent beers, albeit often quite different to Redemption.

Moving down towards Tottenham Hale a mile or so, is of course Beavertown brewery. It’s certainly the biggest and best known in the area and indeed has an international reputation, just like the areas football team… I was a fan before it moved to Tottenham and I still am of course. The barrel ageing project in particular perhaps is ground breaking.

Also in the same area is Affinity (Markfield Rd N15) whose tap room opens on Saturdays and the newest of the lot Brewheadz. Ive sampled their porter and I thought it decent particularly for one of the first beers out of a new brewery.

You could argue, and some do, that this is all a sign of the gentrification of the area, which is hugely unpopular with many. Tottenham is a left-wing working class area and has been for ever (there was once a Tory MP when the constituency boundaries were different) with a very strong sense of community. It has had comers and goers since the railway appeared in the 1860s but more or less within that framework.

Anyway actually material reality suggests a rather different story. There are loads and loads of warehouses in Tottenham suitable for brewery operations. Before Mrs Thatcher appeared Tottenham was part of the Lea Valley industrial area, the biggest in London, and significant nationally. The largest private sector employers are now supermarkets. In place of manufacturing there are just warehouses and they tend to be a bit cheaper than some other areas. That may change of course but in the meantime I wonder who will be the sixth brewery in Tottenham?




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  1. Tottenham’s Tory MP was not elected as a Tory – he was a Labour MP who crossed the floor :

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