What were the strongest draught cask beers available in the UK 40 years ago?

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The paperback edition of Richard Boston’s Beer and Skittles appeared 40 years ago in 1977. The hardback was published in 1976 but the information in the new edition had been updated at November 1976.

Boston lists the strongest draught cask beers then available in the UK:

Fullers’s ESB 1055.8

Ruddles County 1050

Courage Directors 1048

Greene King Abbott 1048

Young’s Special 1047

Boston might I suppose have added Theakston’s Old Peculier but its draught availability in 1977 wasn’t much outside of Masham (where,yes, I did drink it from time to time but more often in Marske). He also mentions strong seasonal beers such as Young’s Winter Warmer which he noted in 1976/77 had an o.g. of 1055*

Something for craft drinkers to ponder over our 6% (half or third pints) perhaps. It was expected that you’d drink these beers in pints…

*thanks to John Burton for reminding me on this


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