Trump & teetotalism

In Uncategorized on January 22, 2017 by kmflett

Gin Lane by William Hogarth

My Guardian Fletter (23rd January) on Donald Trump’s lifetime abstinence from the booze is here:

President Nixon was well known to try and make decisions while drunk and George W Bush only gave up heavy drinking as he became president. The truly worrying thing about Trump is that he is a lifelong teetotaller. All the bluster and hard rightwing rhetoric comes from someone who is completely sober.
Keith Flett

The (mainly) positive relationship between politicans and drink has been summarised by an authoritative source- the Daily Telegraph:

I think matters are a little more complex than this (perhaps particularly in the labour movement of which Trump is certainly not a part) but it does beg a very important question. Does The Donald know just how thirsty his new special friend Nigel is?


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