The Ambridge Socialist. Titchener: So, Farewell then OR I’ll be back…

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The Ambridge Socialist

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The real Borsetshire Echo: 65 years of class struggle in Ambridge

Titchener: So, Farewell then OR I’ll be back?


By the Editor

With his sacking by Justin Elliott (likely to be fair, he has under two years service & has no obvious protected characteristics- the Ambridge Socialist supports employment rights from day one) it looks like Rob Titchener has, at last, departed the Archers.

The programme has a new Editor and it may be that he felt the storyline of Titchener and Helen was very much associated with the previous incumbent.

Rob seems set to depart for the US, where he can no doubt find employment as an agricultural advisor to Donald Trump. In that sense a return to Ambridge at some point can’t be ruled out. With Titchener there is always unfinished business.

In the mean time we should pay tribute to the acting abilities of Timothy Watson and equally Louiza Patkis as Helen. Titchener was a character like no other in the Archers in recent times. Perhaps the nearest, going back, was Nelson Gabriel-Jack May- (who actually owned an antiques shop in Islington in real life), someone whose escapades had a certain melodramatic quality although in the days before the interweb and social media (May died in 1997) somewhat attenuated.

Titchener has gripped a good part of the nation for several years. Odd as it may seem he will be missed.

Village Green Vigil: Friday 20th Jan .Titchener & Trump out now. We were 50% successful

The Ambridge Socialist called a vigil on Friday 20th January at 4pm to demand that Titchener and Trump get out of our lives.

Trump was inaugurated on Friday afternoon in Washington while at café somewhere near Ambridge Titchener was due to meet Stefan to hand over the reasonable sum he has demanded to keep quiet about what knows on the Great Flood of Ambridge two years ago.

The vigil ran from 4-6pm after which we retired to The Bull to plan further campaigns and toast our (so far) 50% success

Trump: who backs the President in Ambridge?

Justin Elliott

Brian Aldridge

Susan Carter

Rob Titchener

Toby Fairbrother

Neville Booth



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