How big is my brewery?

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There has been recent discussion about whether some of the newer (say broadly 2010 and after) breweries have now reached a size where they might more reasonably be classified as small to middle sized regional brewers. Not exactly Greene King but perhaps a Robinsons or a a Batemans.

How to tell? Capacity and barrels produced? Impact on the market?

Today as seen one interesting if not, naturally, absolutely clear guide to the matter as a number of smaller (that is not mega but certainly not small) brewers have issued a statement about the need for beer duty reform:

Their poiut is that the tax advantages for small brewers introduced in 2002 encouraged the massive expansion of breweries we now have. They welcome that but argue that the current tax structure acts as a disincentive to growth because above a certain level of production higher tax kicks in and makes it less economic to expand. I suppose you’d expect a Tory Government which is meant to be business friendly to take that seriously although of course it was Labour that introduced the tax changes in the first place. We shall see.

The interesting thing at the moment is who is on the list. It includes of course Adnams, and Charles Wells and Theakstons and so on. Also there are Beavertown, Dark Star and Harbour. A sign of changing times in brewing.

The list of brewers pressing for a change to duty is here:

List of not so small not huge UK brewers


Bath Ales


Black Sheep Brewery


Charles Wells



Daniel Batham & Son Ltd

Dark Star Brewing Company

Exmoor Ales

Frederic Robinson Ltd

Fuller, Smith & Turner Plc

George Bateman & Son

Hall & Woodhouse Ltd

Harbour Brewing

Harvey & Sons Ltd

Hepworth & Co Brewers

Hogs Back Brewery

Hook Norton Brewery Co Ltd

Hop Back Brewery plc

Inveralmond Brewery

Jennings Brewery

Joseph Holt Ltd

J W Lees &Co

Lancaster Brewery


Nethergate Brewery

Otter Brewery

Ridgeway Brewery/Beer Counter

Ringwood Brewery

SA Brain

Shepherd Neame Ltd

St Austell Brewery Co Ltd

T&R Theakston Ltd

Timothy Taylor

Tring Brewery

Trumans Brewery

Wadworth & Co Ltd


Wye Valley Brewery Ltd


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