Jobless outlook bleak for winter months in Tottenham

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Haringey TUC

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Jobless outlook bleak for winter months in Tottenham


Haringey TUC, the North London wing of the TUC, has said that despite a seasonal fall in jobless figures for Tottenham in December, the outlook for jobs in the area during the winter months of January and February is far from great.

Those on benefits in December fell by 1% with 2,865 out of work in Tottenham. The fall relates to seasonal work around Christmas, a factor in the labour market since Victorian times and reflected in statistics for recent years covering north London. However, just as the early period of a new year was tough for those seeking employment 100 and more years ago, so it remains today.

The trades unionists say that while it is too early to see what the impact of Brexit will be in the area, it is clear from The Prime Minister’s statement on not sticking to EU employment rights that the Government expects working people to pay the price for changes. Combined with a continuing austerity agenda the battle to attract jobs to Tottenham paying the London Living Wage will continue to be something to be addressed by the London Mayor and locally but clearly not by central Government.

Haringey TUC Secretary Keith Flett said, the good news is that Tottenham is not currently the holder of the unwanted title of ‘highest jobless in London’. The bad news is that the winter outlook for employment remains rather bleak’.


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