Haringey trade unionists oppose Haringey Development Vehicle sell off of public assets

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Haringey TUC

Media Release 16th January

Contact Haringey TUC Secretary Keith Flett 07803 167266


Haringey TUC the local North London organisation of the TUC has said that trade unionists in the Borough are opposed to Council plans to sell off public assets in a scheme known as the Haringey Development Vehicle.

The plan to sell off Council housing and some businesses to private investors is believed to be the largest in the country and has already attracted the concern of trade unionists London wide via the South and East Region TUC [SERTUC]

The trades unionists say that while it is understood that Tory Government cuts are starving local Council’s of cash, selling off assets to privateers is a short term measure that will not benefit ordinary people in Haringey. Privateers are interested in profit and returns for shareholders as a bottom line not the needs of working people to have decent housing.

Haringey TUC Secretary Keith Flett said, of course housing in the area could be improved but selling off Council property to privateers so they can knock it down and re-build leaving existing tenants with a worrying and uncertain future is not what we expect from a Labour Council. It is time for a re-think.

There is a lobby of Haringey Council’s Scrutiny Commitee  at 6pm on Tuesday 17th January, Civic Centre, High Rd, N22


One Response to “Haringey trade unionists oppose Haringey Development Vehicle sell off of public assets”

  1. Is there somewhere I can find a costed alternative proposal that involves 100% council ownership and the same levels of investment please, Keith?

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