The Ambridge Socialist: Stefan is alive!

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The Ambridge Socialist

14th January

Stefan is alive!


It was Friday the 13th and that proved to be bad news for Titchener as Stefan reappeared.

The BBC report the details here:

Regular readers of the Ambridge Socialist will recall that Stefan was the farm worker who saw Titchener blocking a culvert that led directly to the Great Flood of Ambridge in early 2016. Stefan told David Archer what he had seen and then disappeared. It was widely assumed that Titchener had murdered Stefan because he knew too much. Indeed 76% of Ambridge Socialist readers backed this view in 2016:

It now appears that Titchener paid Stefan to leave the country, presumably out of his joint bank account with Helen, although possibly with money fiddled out of his then job as herd manager.

Whichever it was Stefan is back in the country and he wants more money from Titchener not to expose him.

What is the likely outcome?



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