The Chartists are coming & so is snow in London

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Hurrah for old England and liberty sweet,
The land that we live in and plenty to eat;
We shall ever remember this wonderful day,
The Chartists are coming, get out of the way.

The Chartists are Coming, Ballad, 1848

According to the weather forecast there may be snow in London on Thursday 12th January. You dont need a weatherman to tell you that in recent times it has snowed infrequently in the Capital. A northern colleague said to me earlier that despite it being the middle of winter if it does actually snow in London it will be headline news.

Suffice to say that in the revolutionary year of 1848 the Chartists did indeed come, on April 10th 1848, but actually they were rumoured to be coming far more often than they actually arrived. The same is true of London snow. Reports, often word  of mouth or social media, will note that it is snowing somewhere near London and will appear soon. People will look anxiously and make travel plans accordingly (since obviously at even the lightest dusting of snow all London transport stops- it snows too rarely to spend much money on measures to address this it seems).

Snow and the Chartists two of the great imponderables of London life



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