The Ambridge Socialist. Not wanted on voyage: Titchener

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The Ambridge Socialist

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Not wanted on voyage: Titchener


The Ambridge Socialist year began with an interesting development as readers in our poll nominated Toby Fairbrother rather than Titchener as the most hated man in Ambridge. That clearly irked Titchener since he returned to threaten Adam with competitive tendering and found some appropriately rude words scrawled across his car windscreen. Later he was banned from the village shop by Susan who clearly sees that he has run out of road as an item of village gossip. Will Titchener take the hint, particularly after the Ambridge Shop Central Committee had an emergency meeting to consider further sanctions against Titchener.

Titchener’s revenge?

News has come that Titchener proposes to contest Helen’s divorce proceedings. The BBC report that his chances are ‘slim’ but the wider issue of who gets what is more complex. Titchener could theoretically have a claim on the farm, but it may be recalled that while he had a joint account with Helen, including savings and money from Peggy, Titchener spent every penny without telling Helen anything about it.


The BBC has been speculating about what exactly Toby Fairbrother did in Brighton (sat in the Evening Star pub we suspect) but whatever it was we do wish he would return and stay there.

Spreadsheets of Love

Roy has found romance with Tracy Horrobin but sadly his spreadsheet of love will not acknowledge the fact.

In other news

Nancy Banks Smith claims that it has been rather quiet in Ambridge in recent months and, though she doesn’t quite say this, Keri Davies is to blame..

Toby and Rex have been cut off


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  1. Not the Evening Star! It’s a good pub!

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