Beard Friendly Pub of the Year vote opens

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Beard Liberation Front

January 2nd

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The Beard Liberation Front, the informal network of beard wearers, has said that the contest for the Beard Friendly Pub of the Year is underway.

An on-line poll is now open with the winner declared on January 15th.

The winners in 2016 included the Jolly Butchers in Stoke Newington, the Cock Tavern in central Hackney and the Bag of Nails in Bristol

BLF Organiser Keith Flett said we’ve picked a range of the best beard friendly pubs, bars and taprooms all of which have been visited by BLF Inspectors over the past few month. We may have missed some and there were several that came very close to making the shortlist, so there is a write-in option on the poll as well

The criteria for the Award include:

Beard Friendly Pub: a pub that welcomes the hirsute and often has a significant number of hirsute customers, including but certainly not confined to those with designer or hipster beards .

Beard Friendly Ambience: a pub that may have fewer hirsute customers but is welcoming to the hirsute through bearded bar staff and beard friendly beers, and has a generally relaxed atmosphere for all.

The campaign group says it welcomes diversity in both appearance and drinking but does think that there is a link between stylish beards and beers and good pubs


Some hostelries on the list style themselves as bars not pubs. This distinction is for others. The BLF is about beards.

Nothing here is meant to suggest that pubs not on the list are unfriendly to beards. This is about pubs that are particularly and emphatically beard friendly

The Beard Friendly Pub, Bar, Tap of the Year Short List 2017

Bag of Nails Bristol

City Arms, Cardiff

Cock Tavern, Hackney

Mother Kelly’s Bethnal Green

Euston Tap(s), central London

Friends of Ham, Leeds

Hanging Bat, Edinburgh

Jolly Butchers, Hackney

The Maltings, York

Cloudwater Brewery Tap, Manchester

Beavertown Brewery Tap, Tottenham

Crafty Devil Cellar, Cardiff

A Beard Friendly Pub, bar or taproom you think should be a winner not on the list? Please use the write-in option. It’s checked regularly and if there is support additions to the poll are made.


One Response to “Beard Friendly Pub of the Year vote opens”

  1. You ed to include The Ebrington Arms in the Cotswolds!
    The landlord had a beard and there’s lots of beard chat!!!

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