Ambridge Socialist: The most hated person in Ambridge? What a difference a year makes

In Uncategorized on January 2, 2017 by kmflett


On January 2nd 2011 David Archer lured much loved Borsetshire character Nigel Pargetter on to the roof of Lower Loxley under the pretext of taking down a banner advertising Xmas and New Year events. Archer then pushed him off the roof to his death. With the usual diligence we have come to expect from the Borsetshire police (particularly where the Archer dynasty is concerned) no action was taken against him.

The Ambridge Socialist has run New Year polls so see who readers think the latest victim of David Archer should be, should be determine to repeat the act.

In 2015 Charlie Thomas won (Titchener being yet little known for his activities). In 2016 Rob Titchener was overwhelming favourite for the slip, but in the 2017 vote he was easily beaten by Toby Fairbrother 43% to 27%.

Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, what a difference a year makes. Titchener is passing into history (we hope) and Toby has become the most hated person in the village, not least by David Archer, which perhaps explains why he fled to Brighton.


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