Some Brewery Projects of 2016: beyond the ordinary

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Some Brewery Projects of 2016


I posted a few days ago (as part of a series of end of year beer related posts) that I doubted I would be able to list my favourite beers of 2016. There were too many, I don’t, mostly, keep notes and in any case how to decide. An imperial stout I may love one day may not be to my taste on another, even though of course it is the same beer.

A little easier is to identify some breweries of the year. There are some such as Redemption, Tiny Rebel, Magic Rock that continue to produce excellent beers in cask and keg. Perhaps the style of a particular beer is not to my personal taste but it’ll always be a good example of that style.

There are other breweries who have stuck in the mind for a particular project they’ve done during the year which is what I list below. I’m listing the details of the project not that of the particular beers because I think trying to do something beyond just producing good core beers (an essential) perhaps best reflects the changing world of beer in 2016.

Cloudwater: the DIPAs. Hyped it is often said but always interesting to try, particularly if you can recall what the previous ones were like..

Beavertown: the IPA trials. It ended up with Lupuloid which is certainly one of my favourite current IPAs but the range of trials brewed with different hops and at different strengths underlined possibilities, although obviously I preferred some to others.

Marble: the Metal Range. Simples really. I’ve been really impressed with these beers on keg and cask and will sample one if I see it on the bar.

Buxton: the ice-cream range. I sampled the full (I think) range just recently and the concept as well as the execution is impressive. The brewer Colin Stronge tweeted that they were hard work to make, but certainly in my view worth it.


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