The Ambridge Socialist Pantomime Special: Mother Goose-enter the Lord of Misrule

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The Ambridge Socialist

Village Pantomime Special Issue, 28th December

65 years of the class struggle in Borsetshire

Mother Goose: enter the Lord of Misrule


As usual the Ambridge Panto, directed by Lynda Snell, rises from chaos to be more or less alright on the night.

But this has been no usual year in Ambridge. There has, for example, been a murder trial. So it can be no surprise that the opening night of the Panto, Mother Goose, is set to see a dramatic intervention by another well-known seasonal character, the Lord of Misrule.

The Lord of Misrule was traditionally appointed at Christmas and ruled until Twelfth Night. The Shakespearan character Falstaff is one example. An alternative title for the character is ‘Vice’, which comes from the Latin ‘vitium’ meaning ‘defect, offense, blemish, imperfection’ and this in the moral as well as the physical sense.

This provides the clue as to who the Lord of Misrule is who bursts into Mother Goose just as the lead character, played by Kenton Archer, is delivering another finally crafted rhyming couplet.

The Ambridge Socialist has received an advance copy of the unofficial dialogue that the Lord of Misrule (aka, Rob Titchener, for it is he) delivers to a packed Village Hall audience:

The world of Ambridge is set to be turned upside down.

Lillian is in bed with Justin,

Adam still lusts after Charlie,

while Dr Locke is being pursued by Shula, Elizabeth and Debbie

(gasps can be heard from the audience)

It seems those of us who stick to traditional values in Ambridge are,

but a small minority.

Terrible things will befall the village.

(Titchener fumbles under his coat and pulls out a gun; at this he is pulled down from behind by Jazzer and dragged from the hall shouting, harlots, jezebels, cuckolds)

Kenton completes his rhyming couplet





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