Campaigners say beard oils & balms not as effective as imperial stout in beard conditioning

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Beard Liberation Front

27th December

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Campaigners say beard oils & balms not as effective as imperial stout in beard conditioning


The Beard Liberation Front, the informal network of beard wearers, which campaigns against beardism, irrational prejudice against the hirsute, has re-issued its brief guide to how marinate the beard in beer after a rise in people receiving beard oils and balms for Christmas.

While most beard oils and balms will do the beard little or no harm the BLF maintains that during the cold winter months imperial stout in particular is the most effective way of nourishing and protecting the beard hairs.

Guide to beard marination

Step 1: make sure the beard hairs are prepared by washing the beard and rooting out any damaged hairs.

Step 2: buy your beer. More robust beers such as DIPAs and Imperial stouts are best as they impart more nourishment to the beard hairs.

Step 3: choose your glass. A tulip glass is best. This limits the exposure of the beard hairs to the beard compared to the traditional pint glass.

Step 4: carefully bring the beard into contact with the beer. It is not the idea to let the beard swim in the beer. Just the tip of the beard should be marinated.

Step 5: leave the beard in the beer for no more than 30 seconds

Step 6: Remove the beard. If the marinating process has taken place correctly there should be little beer dripping from the beard. It should have gone to nourish the beard hairs.

Step 7: Wash the beard to remove any residual smell and stickiness caused by the marination process.

Repeat occasionally when you feel your beard hairs need extra nourishment

The Beard Liberation Front announces the Beard of the Year 2016 on 29th December










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