The Ambridge Socialist: some day even Brian Aldridge will have to stand naked

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The Ambridge Socialist

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The real Borsetshire Echo: 65 years of class struggle in Ambridge

Some-day even Brian Aldridge will have to stand naked


Debbie is home for Xmas and as she reminded Brian on 20th December for New Year too. The Ambridge Socialist’s advice is to avoid any invitations from David Archer to admire the New Year view from the roof of Lower Loxley.

22nd December saw the Ambridge Ball and Debbie took the opportunity to negotiate with Justin about land sales. Brian is determined to buy as much land as possible, while Debbie thinks Adam, who is the future of the farm, wants less with less financial exposure. Brian is determined his view will prevail, but will it? A special meeting of the Aldridge’s beckons. In the meantime Debbie at the Ball provided the ultimate put down to Titchener.

The end of naked Ambridge?

Susan has held a party to mark the end of the Naked Ambridge ‘Calendar Girls’ year. However an Ambridge Socialist poll found that a clear majority wanted there to be more nudity in Ambridge in 2017. Perhaps a project for Toby Fairbrother to work on.

What will Rob Titchener be doing this Xmas?

According to the BBC he will be heading down to Hampshire to be with his dysfunctional family. Does that seem likely?


Making custard


In Other News

He’s not a pantomime baddie he’s a real human being. Helen on Titchener

A mysterious inflatable Santa has appeared outside Bridge Farm. The Ambridge Socialist understands it was jointly sourced by Titchener and Ann Summers.


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