The Ambridge Socialist: Titchener in pre-Xmas lurking

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The Ambridge Socialist

December 18th CONTACT KEITH FLETT 07803 167266

The real Borsetshire Echo: 65 years of class struggle in Ambridge

Titchener ‘lurking’ around St Stephens


Titchener was spotted lurking in the porch of St Stephens church on Tuesday afternoon and then at the back of the church itself as Henry appeared in a nativity play. Pat wanted to take action but Helen was less sure, citing the season of goodwill. Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said, as usual where Titchener is concerned Borsetshire Police were nowhere to be seen.

Debbie is coming home for Christmas…

It is thought she will deliver the Ambridge Christmas message on the theme: ‘Farage has ruined it for all of us’

It’s the land stupid

Brian and David have had a chat about the future of ruling class Ambridge at the NFU dinner. Unsurprisingly they agree it’s not about the money but about how much land they can grab

In Other News

He’s not a pantomime baddie he’s a real human being. Helen on Titchener

The Photo: look at this way. If this hadnt been a storyline the space would have been taken by more on the Xmas panto

Scrotum Poll

Whose Scrotum should be torn this Xmas?


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