The return of the Santa hotpants

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Yes the Santa hotpants were again in display at the Tottenham Ploughman at the historic Bruce Castle on 11th December.

If you require a theoretical justification of what this is about, it’s here:

But let’s be practical. Why do I do it? It is not to amuse or occasionally horrify young children that a Santa with a real beard is present. Nor is it because I’m a Santa fetishist who yearns to dress up in red each year at this time (the red bit is OK at any time of year).

Rather it is to draw attention to a charitable purpose, Crisis UK, who at this time of year run shelters for those who have no place to go at Christmas. Rough sleeping is on the increase and its a much bigger issue than just the festive season. But whether or not you celebrate 25th December (I’m not religious, but the origins of a festival at this time of year go much further back than Christianity) a seasonal gesture to those at the rough end of society, for whatever reason they may be there or none, is surely a basic act of humanity



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  1. For so many reasons

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