The Ambridge Socialist: Susan celebrates the end of naked Ambridge

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The Ambridge Socialist

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The real Borsetshire Echo: 65 years of class struggle in Ambridge

Judge rules Titchener ‘unsafe’


Susan plays the piano in her naked days (Radio Times)

A judge has ruled that it is unsafe for Titchener to be alone with children and reduced his contact time with Jack (farewell Gideon) to an hour a month supervised by a professional. The Ambridge Socialist says it is time to go further and declare Titchener unsafe to be alone with any human being.

David still angry about gin

Toby is still trying to find a place to set up his unlicensed gin still and has persuaded Rex that this would not be in breach of his tenancy agreement with David. Toby may not recall what happened to Nigel Pargetter but readers of the Ambridge Socialist will. David has temporarily calmed down about the still because otherwise the unfortunate incident on Lower Loxley roof might look suspicious

Susan celebrates an end to naked Ambridge

Just as well this appeared only on radio

In Other News

Vicar Alan Franks has come to the conclusion that Rob Titchener may be member of humanity who is beyond redemption. Is he right?



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